Team Coordinates

Spring Style
The time for new beginnings and connections, while the warm spring sun invites you to get out and about.
What will kay me staff wear? Enjoy real outfit ideas styled by our team members

Spending exciting days working in the corporate department of a venture company.
With a recent addition of another puppy, the excitement continues going home to my two dogs.

Springtime Stroll

These colors are inspired by the warm rays of the sun, perfect for going for a stroll with my husband and our two puppies.
Yellow gradation flowers contrast with the white fabric, and the hem of the dress softly billows with every movement,
making me feel excited for the season.
Wearing this dress makes me feel so gorgeous!

Soft Impression

When meeting customers for the first time,
I make sure to choose an outfit with a soft impression in mind.
This way, we can both open up and speak to each other with more ease.
This stretchy suit set up is composed and sophisticated,
while still appearing approachable.

Dinner Date

On a dinner date with my husband, who himself wears fashionable jackets every day,
I choose this “instant heroine” dress.
This beautiful dress features a luxurious lace layer, giving a delicate yet dynamic appearance, perfect for date nights.
The warm spring breeze as we sit on the terrace enjoying champagne is pure happiness.

Brand Event

kay me dresses take the lead role… At item launch showcases, in order for new items to stand out, as a PR representative, I always choose to wear black.
Black dresses by kay me have the charm of being gorgeous and so comfortable.
For this day I chose our black bowtie dress with chiffon bow you can easily tie in many ways.

Spring Days
Spring is just around the corner!
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Winter Date
February means Valentine's Day!
This month we highlight real date coordinates from kay me staff
One busy week in winter!
We introduce real daily coordinates from the kay me team