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Winter Date
February means Valentine's Day!
This month we highlight real date coordinates from kay me staff

Coming up with new products and solutions to solve the needs of our busy customers every night
as I spend quality time with my adorable pet cats.

A Trip to Atami

A perfect getaway location for me is one that’s just about an hour away from Tokyo on the bullet train - today I chose Atami, on the coast south-west of Tokyo. Whether on the train, in a chilly art museum,or on a night stroll around the garden, this Kanazawa-made Knit Long Skirt is perfect for any location.
The length of this skirt keeps me warm while I enjoy my meals in my traditional Japanese tatami room.
It’s also machine-wash safe, so I can toss it into the wash when I’m home from my trip!

Shabu-shabu at Akasaka

Our meeting place is a cafe in Kioicho, near the Imperial Palace, and tonight we’re having shabu-shabu (thinly-sliced meat and vegetables cooked by hand).
I chose this outfit with a gorgeous earth-tone to match the Japanese-style interior of the restaurant, a khaki dress paired with a beautiful stole that has been hand-dyed with four colors.
This stole is big enough to protect me from the cold, or even to be used like a blanket for my legs.
This dress is also a great defence against accidental sesame seed dressing spills - you can simply throw it in the washing machine!

Roppongi Brunch

My go-to place for brunch is a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo’s Roppongi Midtown with a beautiful view of the park.
My glass of rose Champagne reflects the sun and glimmers brightly.
I spend the rest of the day stopping by various locations to window-shop for a new car, and the Navy Rose Knit Skirt, Turtleneck Knit Top and Riders Jacket keep me warm and comfortable all day, and the balance of navy in my coordination gives my outfit a chic appearance.
Once I’m back home again, even if my cats lovingly pay me a visit while I’m still wearing this outfit, I can just throw my clothes in the washer afterwards.
Another day with no stress!

Takeshiba Dinner Cruise

Having dinner onboard a cruise ship on Tokyo Bay is another wonderful way to get away for a little while.
Although I don’t like the cold, I still want to look my absolute best.
For this outfit, I wear my white Long Knit Skirt with this light and soft marshmallow-like Cashmere Stole. The beautiful panel lines of my top add dimension to my silhouette, creating a composed outfit and a figure-flattering look for photos.
I can wash each item at home easily, so I can even wear white knitwear daily with no fear!

A Drink in Kamiyacho

After enjoying a delicious and authentic fusion cuisine dinner, I head to a close-by bar that’s located inside a historical hotel.
The oak interior pairs perfectly with deep red shades, and as the dress I’ve chosen has a relaxed cocoon design, I pair it with a stretchy belt to create a beautiful hourglass silhouette.
Despite the cinching, this dress feels wonderfully comfortable - a secret only those who have worn this dress will understand…

Winter Date
February means Valentine's Day!
This month we highlight real date coordinates from kay me staff
Spring Days
Spring is just around the corner!
This month we highlight kay me staff coordinates for March
Spring Style
The time for new beginnings and connections, while the warm spring sun invites you to get out and about.
What will kay me staff wear? Enjoy real outfit ideas styled by our team members