Team Coordinates

One busy week in winter!
We introduce real daily coordinates from the kay me team

Exploring new technology solutions for a ‘Global Japan’.
Remaking famous recipes in my own style.

Sweet Date

I’m a huge fan of our waist-gathered dresses, but this Candy Red print is one of my favorites. It’s so elegant and feminine. I know that all eyes in the restaurant will be on her! After the date, we might take an evening walk down by the bay, so a jacket or outwear is a must. Our White Riders Jacket adds an element of toughness and is a perfect balance to the femininity of the dress. This look complements perfectly with our simple Angel Pink necklace to add a touch of class.

Winter Office Setup

The winter season is upon us, and the skies are turning grey. For this ‘winter office setup’ collection, I went with a subdued and cool look, but one that also gives you warmth. Working in London, the air conditioners in the office were always so warm in winter, but outside was cold. I find the same is true in Tokyo. This Shell Dress and matching jacket setup should have you covered for both travel to and from the office, and for those times inside when someone turns up the heat. I added the silver PC bag to complete the look to give a winter-like feel, ready for the holiday season.

New Year Work Party

At a year end or new year party, I think it’s always nice to be prepared. I’ve been to parties in the past where the dress code wasn’t clear, and I’ve made mistakes about the level of formality too. This setup gives the flexibility to ‘do everything’. With the cardigan on, it’s perfect for walking around the tables and greeting colleagues, but if there is an after party, you can slip if off for a little more glamour. The necklace and simple tote bag accessorize, but they don’t distract from the beautiful Rose Venus Dress. Our Elegant Trench Coat means you’ll enter the room in style and all eyes will be on you for the reveal.

New Year Resolutions

Strong colors always inspire me, and nothing more so than a powerful blue. Blue reminds me of the ocean and sky – both seemingly limitless, a feeling I want to drive and inspire me through the beginning of a new year. We all set resolutions in January, but 70% are broken within a month. Adding a powerful-feeling Riders Jacket to the look gives the extra strength to carry on those resolutions into February and beyond. Our White Tassel Tote Bag stands out in contrast to the two tone setup on dress and jacket – this look is all about ‘feeling on top of the world’.