Team Coordinates

Winter Date
February means Valentine's Day!
This month we highlight real date coordinates from kay me staff

Spending exciting days working in the corporate department of a venture company.
With a recent addition of another puppy, the excitement continues going home to my two dogs.

On the Train to Hakone

When my husband and I both have a day off work, we like to take the charming Romancecar train to the hot springs in Hakone, near Mt. Fuji.
Of course, we can’t leave our two dogs behind!
I like to wear comfortable and warm knitwear,so I can relax even when I’m travelling to our destination, and I never forget to add a touch of color by coordinating with a gorgeous stole.
The way you wrap your scarf can also change your outfit dramatically.

Alternative to Kimono

A married couple that are both great friends of mine invited me out to dinner, and I was sure the wife would be wearing a beautiful kimono, so I selected this Japanese print dress for instant elegance.
There are many kay me items that can easily be worn in lieu of kimono, which is so convenient for me as these authentic Japanese print dresses can be worn for many different occasions.
Also, as we’re still in the middle of winter, this gorgeous trench-style coat is a must-have!

Weekend Brunch Date

On lazy Sunday mornings I like to wake up a little later than usual.
My husband and I take our two dogs out for a walk and call in at an Italian restaurant close by for a brunch date together.
A weekend date means complete relaxation, but of course I still want to catch his attention, so I chose to wear a beautiful white outfit.
My heart always reaches for items that are both luxurious and casual, and I pair this outfit with a vibrant stole to create an unforgettable impression.

Cruise Ship Date

Once a year, my husband and I go on a cruise ship date. The ship leaves the dock just as the sky is painted red by the setting sun, and my favorite moment is watching the sky change from sunset to nightfall.
To match the special atmosphere on the cruise ship, I chose this lovely dress that softly billows with every movement I make.
I also recommend this royal blue color, a fitting name for such a regal tone.

Chatting in a Hotel Bar

On a whim during our busy schedule, my husband and I take a break to go to a bar.
The time we spend talking about our future as we enjoy the beautiful night scenery is very special to us, and so is the location.
Tonight the bar has a limited edition special Valentine’s Day cocktail on the menu - I just can’t resist limited items!
My outfit for the evening has been chosen with the theme of Valentine’s Day chocolates in mind… I wonder if my husband will notice!
I like to look composed and sophisticated when at the bar, so this gorgeous white jacket is a must-have item for me.

Spring Days
Spring is just around the corner!
This month we highlight kay me staff coordinates for March
Winter Date
February means Valentine's Day!
This month we highlight real date coordinates from kay me staff
One busy week in winter!
We introduce real daily coordinates from the kay me team