Team Coordinates

Winter Date
February means Valentine's Day!
This month we highlight real date coordinates from kay me staff
Exploring new technology solutions for a ‘Global Japan’.
Remaking famous recipes in my own style.

Off to the Hot Springs

One of my favorite places to visit on a cold winter day is the hot spring region of Kusatsu.
This look takes less than 60 seconds to set up when you’re moving from one bath house to another.
The Lavender Long Dress is warm, yet feminine, and complements the super Soft Hoodie.
Our Two-way Business Bag is also perfect for a quick escape, and should give you just enough space for your weekend essentials.

Lunch in Aoyama

This setup is great for a lunch date at a classy cafe, like in Aoyama. Our Victory Blue Daily Dress isn’t too formal, but carries a certain amount of elegance, perfect for standing out from the crowd in upmarket Aoyama. The side tie design of the dress creates a focal point, adding a touch of femininity. Our Short Cardigan is easy to slip off at arrival for a dramatic reveal.

River Walk

Naka-Meguro is a great place for an evening river walk. As you stroll by the river, there are plenty of bars to visit for one or two quick drinks, before continuing on with the walk. This Rose Knit Dress will keep you warm, with the Riders Jacket adding an extra element of style and casualness to the look. A thermal Underdress makes sure that you’ll be comfortable both outside and in, just in case you decide to stop for an outdoor cocktail.

Tokyo Bay Cruise

There’s nothing better than a Spring cruise around Tokyo Bay. Seeing the lights of Rainbow Bridge and the dramatic skyline of Tokyo makes for a great dating spot. Our Pink Rose Shell Dress will appear quite subtle under the evening lights, meaning that more of the detail will be revealed to your cruising partner over time. Our Short White Cardigan makes a great ‘greeting statement’, but it can be slipped off later as the evening gets older.

Drinks on 32F

I love to go to a nice bar, high up over the city.
There’s nothing better than treating your partner to some classy drinks with a great view of the night lights. Our Victory Pink Side Gather Dress is classic but still subtle under the cool lights of an evening bar.
This dress pairs perfectly with a Long Cardigan, giving a little extra modesty on higher stools. It can be taken off later in the evening for a dramatic start to the next bar.

Spring Days
Spring is just around the corner!
This month we highlight kay me staff coordinates for March
Winter Date
February means Valentine's Day!
This month we highlight real date coordinates from kay me staff
One busy week in winter!
We introduce real daily coordinates from the kay me team