Team Coordinates

Winter Date
February means Valentine's Day!
This month we highlight real date coordinates from kay me staff

Web team. One of the creators of the online shop.
Job consists of desk work, and desk is surrounded by character-themed products of a certain bear...
On days off, catching up on sleep and going out to eat with friends, as well as doing yoga from time to time.

Car Travel Knitwear

This knit dress is perfect to wear when spending long hours in the car. It’s both cute and sophisticated, so I can stop at service areas without feeling self-conscious. When I arrive at my destination, I love walking around and exploring new areas, so a tote bag that fits all my essentials is a must.
Wearing this light and airy Soft Hoodie protects me from light rain and changes in temperature. If I get too warm while walking, I can easily tie the hoodie around my waist for effortless style.

Sudden Dinner Invitation

I usually dress in office-casual style when working, but for sudden client visits or conferences I keep a “just in case” jacket that I can rely on.
As well as our popular Tailored Jacket and Collarless Jacket, my best recommendation is actually this Ruffle Cuff Jacket:
the rounded neckline allows the buttons to close comfortably all the way to the top which gives instant elegance to any outfit, and the gorgeous frill detail also makes this jacket perfect for dinner occasions too.

Easy Knit Ensemble

It’s our no-stress Knit Dress and Short Cardigan!
You can change in and out of this outfit really easily and quickly, so it’s perfect for when I go to yoga classes. This special knitwear doesn’t restrict my movement for walking or even running.
The Mosaic Knit Dress doesn’t crease, so if I’m running late for yoga class and throw the dress into my locker, I don’t have to worry about it, and simply put it back on to instantly look polished and ready to go.

Just Add a Belt

For someone like me who prefers casual clothing,a good reliable piece is this Neck Twist Dress.
The dress fits the body loosely, but the pattern design creates a beautiful dimensional silhouette for a sophisticated look.
For special occasions, I like to wear this dress with a wide stretchy belt to instantly create a defined and feminine figure.
During the colder months, I always pack this Long Cardigan in my bag just in case the temperature drops. I recommend this White Long Cardigan not only because it adds a feminine touch but it also reflects light to brighten your face.

Post-work Glitter Power

I always reach for turtleneck sweaters during the winter season, but they can look casual or boring if you’re not careful.
This kay me Turtleneck Knit Sweater solves this problem with glitter woven into the threads, making it perfect to wear under a suit for a gorgeous look. This sweater does not restrict movement or feel itchy despite the glitter.
I think it’s great for drinking, talking and eating a lot!
This is an item I feel confident in whenever I go anywhere with my colleagues after work.

Spring Days
Spring is just around the corner!
This month we highlight kay me staff coordinates for March
Winter Date
February means Valentine's Day!
This month we highlight real date coordinates from kay me staff
One busy week in winter!
We introduce real daily coordinates from the kay me team