A Visit to the Silk Factory

Washable 100% silk jersey dresses, perfect for those busy days when you want to let your skin breathe

Comfortable and luxurious 100% silk kay me jersey dress
Discover the traditional artisanship of kimono-weaving from the heart of Kyoto, in collaboration with kay me’s mission to support ambitious women in every walk of life, creating high-quality washable 100% silk jersey dresses perfect for daily wear

Silk, known for its beautiful elegance and functionality, is the most luxurious organic material
The composition of silk protein is very close to that of skin, and as a material, it is also water-resistant, highly breathable with high moisture retention, feels light and smooth to the touch, and can also help absorb harmful UV rays, thereby protecting your skin

The birth of high-quality silk material

How did our jersey fabric made with 170g/m2 silk, known for its luster and suppleness, superb feel and beautiful prints, come to be?

 The birth of 100% silk jersey material

The refined raw silk is knitted into a cylindrical shape using a technique called “maru ami”, or “circle knitting” kay me’s silk jersey dresses are specially knitted in a way so both the inside and outside of the dress feel wonderfully smooth
This results in our exclusive silk jersey with an elegant luster, the perfect thickness to beautifully drape any silhouette, and a smooth touch that softly hugs the body
The next step is to take this raw jersey, add kay me’s original prints, and make the material fully washable
Anti-shrink, Anti-color Bleed, and Anti-pilling
These three are the most important factors when creating an item that can be washed in the comfort and ease of your home
kay me uses special technology that stops color bleeding and pilling, which was first developed 30 years ago in-house by our partner dyeing company in Kyoto, where it is exclusively used, with the collaborating chemical company holding a patent for the technique   

The Secret to Washable Silk, Part 1

Anti-Color Bleeding, Anti-pilling
The silk material is refined by the removal of any dust particles and extra sericin (silk protein), and is placed in a tank with a special chemical compound that prevents color bleeding and fabric pilling

To ensure the printed material has long-lasting vibrant colors, the material is placed in a tank filled with special paste agent before drying

For this special step, the material is hung on a stick that is placed in a deep tank, where artisans check each individual bolt of fabric with their hands

The Secret to Washable Silk, Part 2

The dyes used for printing are chosen to have the clearest and most vibrant colors specifically for silk, ensuring long-lasting boldness without compromising the actual silk material
kay me’s authentic antique kimono patterns are printed beautifully and vibrantly with this dye
The steaming process, when heat and steam are added to fix the printed patterns into the fabric
Finally, the silk is finished by draining the water and drying out in the sun, which prevents the material from shrinking when washed at home

During this process, the shape of the silk is carefully retouched, avoiding any pulling of the material, and as a result of this procedure, the material does not shrink when it is washed at home
This drying process is very time-consuming and meticulous as the usual process involves a dehydrator to wring out most of the water, drying under the sun, and then stretching to eliminate wrinkles
By taking the time to dry the material naturally from a soaking state, the material only shrinks to its natural size
To eliminate disfiguration of the fabric, each side of the material is carefully sewn with tape! Once the material is dried, the tape is unsewn and painstakingly removed
These are the meticulous steps that are taken in order to prevent shrinking when washing our gorgeous silk
Kyoto artisans behind kay me’s washable 100% silk jersey dresses

100% Silk Jersey Dress