Custom Order
“If only the length was a bit longer…”
“I want this dress in that pattern…”

― kay me supports every woman who chases her dreams

Mix and match our popular patterns and solid color jersey materials to create the perfect dress just for you

Made at our atelier here in Japan, you can choose the type and length of the dress, as well as sleeve length, in order to create the dress of your dreams

Previous order samples

Pattern List

We specially selected nine classic kay me dress patterns for you to choose from
Dresses that use contrasting materials on the top and bottom, and long dresses are popular choices
Select the length of the skirt and sleeves, as well as the pattern or color that you desire

Customer Reviews

“It was done in an instant, and I was happy I got to choose the pattern that I liked”

- Radio announcer, Ms. A

“I love the Venus style, but I get hot easily. I had wanted to get this dress with short sleeves for a long time, and it’s now my favorite piece.”

- Executive headhunter, Ms. B

“I’ve been searching for quite a time for a long formal dress in a color I like, and the perfect length for my height. It’s become a very special dress to me.”

- Consulting company manager, Ms. C

Order Process

Have your special piece in your hands in just 3-4 weeks
  • Step 1
    a pattern
  • Step 2
    a size
  • Step 3
    the dress length
  • Step 4
    the sleeve length
  • Step 5
    the material


Length Solid Color Pattern
Medium $ 470 $ 580
Long $ 580 $ 670
*For designs that allow selection of different materials on the top and bottom, if both materials are solid colors the pricing will be standard solid color pricing

Delivery Date

The delivery date will be between 3-4 weeks, exclusive of international delivery

Policies and Disclaimers

  • Please note that we do not accept canceled orders, returns, or exchanges
  • We will begin processing your order as soon as we receive payment confirmation
  • Due to the stretchy nature of the materials, you may experience an error in sizing
  • The fit and length of the dress may differ individually due to different body types
  • Please use the provided images as samples and not specific guidelines
  • Although we put the utmost caution and expertise into each custom order, in case of any errors, please contact us for re-tailoring
  • If changes are needed, please contact us within a week of when your custom order is delivered
  • After carefully reading and accepting the terms stated above, please continue below to begin your custom order