Team Coordinates

Winter Date
February means Valentine's Day!
This month we highlight real date coordinates from kay me staff

Customer services
As a customer services representative, it is important to provide help to each customer with logical decision-making as well as abstract thinking.
On days off, training my mind and body with kendo.

3-day Hong Kong trip

I chose a relaxed style for my 5-hour flight,and the Knit Long Skirt and pretty stole are perfect for chilly plane journeys!
I want to also look sophisticated and chic when I check in to my hotel, so this Japan-made knitwear helps me feel elegant.
It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so I buy some chocolates from the hotel gift shop…

Dinner Date with my Son

The seafood is delicious at the Japanese-style restaurant my son reserved for us.
We share our recent news and catch up while eating fresh fish and enjoying some traditional Japanese sake together.
Whether in the office or out for dinner, this dress is great for many different occasions.

Late Sunday morning

Taking a walk around my neighborhood, I stop at a local cafe and discover their delicious cafe au lait.
I have a feeling I’ll be here every week!

Seto Inland Sea Cruise

Slowly traveling by sea, the ship leaves the marina at Onomichi, between Okayama and Hiroshima, and anchors in the Seto Inland Sea.
The dress code for this journey is casual yet elegant, and I add a Soft Hoodie when out on the deck to keep warm while I appreciate the feeling of time gently passing.

Weekend Friday night

After work, I meet up with my husband in Azabu, south-central Tokyo. We enjoy our conversation in a quiet bar, and it’s a moment of pure luxury for us both.
This Long Cardigan ensures that I’m comfortably covered and looking my best as we perch on high stools at the counter.

One busy week in winter!
We introduce real daily coordinates from the kay me team