Team Coordinates

One busy week in winter!
We introduce real daily coordinates from the kay me team

Spending exciting days working in the corporate department of a venture company.
With a recent addition of another puppy, the excitement continues going home to my two dogs.

Mondays in the Office

Weekends are usually when most of our events occur, so Mondays are often spent in the office catching up on everything else. There are many in-office reception appointments, so when working at the office, I like to look composed and professional by wearing our Gray Cardigan, which features a crisp collar line, paired with our Side Gather Dress. Both the cardigan and dress are machine-wash safe, so there’s no hassle when you go home.

Tuesday Interview

Today I scheduled a couple of media interviews for our CEO on the same day. It’s very important to pay attention to even the smallest details, such as the angle of each picture taken of her, the background, and each question that is asked and answered. I truly believe in the phrase “God is in the details”!
This vibrant Victory Pink Side Gather Dress has an inner-fleece lining, so it’s warm even if worn on its own. The name of our Victory Dress is derived from this print design incorporating a V-like design - the perfect dress for those days when you need a bit of luck on your side.
My personal preference is pairing the dress with our Black Jersey Jacket, with the dress just peeking through slightly.

Girl’s Night Out on Wednesday

Because I attended an all-girls school, it’s no surprise that I get invited to many “girls’ nights out”.
This luxuriously hand-knitted Milky White Washable Knit Dress made in Kanazawa is perfect for dates but also for these kinds of easy nights out with friends as well! No matter how hard you laugh with your girl friends, this dress will stay neat and composed all night long. Perhaps it’s the perfect strategic knit dress?
Although the white color may seem hard to maintain, the beauty is in the fact that this piece is machine-washable!
I think the combination of the V-neck top and A-line skirt of this dress complements any figure beautifully.

Friday Business Party

I attended a party Friday night at the embassy, a small gathering that I was invited to by a few close connections.
This Rose Jersey Dress gives the impression of an elegant yet approachable heroine, which gave me the opportunity to speak freely with many of the guests. I was able to make more contacts, even some that will open doors to new opportunities. On cold nights like that evening, the Elegant Trench Coat not only keeps me warm but also adds a touch of luxury to my ensemble.
Pairing the vibrant Rose Jersey Dress with the Milky White Short Cardigan makes the perfect outfit for a daytime conference too!

Saturday Date Night with my Husband

On Saturday night, I went to a French restaurant in Nihonbashi with my husband.
This Navy Washable Line Knit Dress, knitted in Niigata, is beautifully chic while featuring a hint of a knitted jacquard line design, which I adore. Navy pairs wonderfully well with gray! The Swarovski-embellished Bijou Cardigan adds the perfect amount of sparkle to any special dinner.
I was actually running from a meeting I had beforehand, but the Silver PC Bag can be used for both daytime and nighttime! Whether for work or for days off, it gives me an extra sense of gorgeousness, which is perfect for my style.