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Head over Heels in
Airy Chiffon

Gorgeous tops to take the leading role


"We have customers come to us, asking for a top that can brighten up their complexion or jazz up their usual business suit - something that is fresh, gorgeous yet captivating.

So we have come up with this solution - our new Chiffon Blouses made of stretch chiffon that has been carefully selected just for you. The soft touch and elasticity of the material lets you move and bend your shoulders, waist and elbows comfortably. It is something you have to try to feel the quality!"

kay me’s Lead Designer

Premium Select Chiffon

  • (1) Soft, premium quality
  • (2) Stretchy to leave no strain on your body
  • (3) Designed to highlight the face
  • (4) Machine-washable for easy care, less maintenance
  • (5) Delicate sewing unique to Japan
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Unique Bowtie Design

At kay me, we are very particular about designing beautiful items that accentuate the figure and make any person wearing them feel good. With our new Airy Chiffon blouse, the eye-catching bowtie design frames the neck and face, and flows down the bodice to emphasize a slim, elongated silhouette - especially beautiful under a jacket

Perfect with Straight Trousers

Style your top with a chic pantsuit look! The straight silhouette of these kay me trousers slims the legs and uses ultra stretchy and premium quality materials for long-lasting comfort and wear. We recommend these for those who do not often opt to wear trousers but are considering a reliable pair!

Stretchy_Straight_Pants_Diagram.jpg Stretchy_Straight_Pants_Diagram.jpg Stretchy_Straight_Pants_Diagram_Mobile.jpg
Greige_Straight_Pants.jpg Greige_Straight_Pants.jpg Greige_Straight_Pants_Mobile.jpg

Greige Straight Trousers

Navy_Straight_Pants.jpg Navy_Straight_Pants.jpg Navy_Straight_Pants_Mobile.jpg

Navy Straight Trousers

Recommended Styling

Breathe Life into the Suit

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Our Stretch Chiffon Features

What sets kay me apart from the rest?

  • (1) Soft, premium quality
  • (2) Designed to highlight the face for a stunning impression online or in-person
  • (3) Made to last, machine-washable and lets you focus on the more important things

A Day of Commemoration in Navy

The best of formal style
Timeless looks to remember the occasions

Beige Commemoration

Forever a beautiful classic
Make the moment special in Beige

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Everything at kay me is

  • Washable product
  • Washable product
  • Washable product

Styling Service

We offer one-on-one personalized styling service for free. Book with our convenient online styling consultants, or visit one of our boutiques to get started.

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