Spring Beige Celebration

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“When the ceremony season comes your way, you want to make the most of it. If you are looking for a new alternative to your ceremonial style, then a soft and mellow light-toned style is also a classic. It is still clean and elegant, yet sharp and refined to make a memorable impression at your next function, and a wonderful color to suit any age.

How about a beige set-up for your next celebration?"

kay me’s Lead Designer

Sincerity in Rose

Beautifully modest and gentle in a soft pink set-up, with a midi-length skirt for coverage to the knees even when sitting down. With delicate frills on the sleeves and vivid Pink Silk-wool Scarf for extra touches of softness, and a Champagne Pink Bag to round off the look

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Combining the Classics

A formal style that accentuates femininity, with its unique Venus-draped bodice design that shapes the curves of the upper body and frames the face and neck, balanced with the clean beige panels of the skirt and jacket for sharp style. For a stunning impression at any business or formal occasion

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Sleek and Chic

Power dressing head-to-toe in beige tones, with a pair of elongating trousers for a taller appearance and a rich red bag to top it off! Add a black and white frilled blouse underneath to bring the style together

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Subtle Brilliance

Simple and minimalistic, for an instant classic look. Take the spotlight in subtle color and elevate the style with shimmering touches of Champagne Gold and a milk-tea colored stole

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A Burst of Energy

A playful touch for a vibrance at any occasion. The cheery Aroma Print calls forth the new Spring season, with a graceful bow-tie design for a mature and sophisticated style. Gorgeous even for online meetings

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Transitioning into Spring

As the season transitions, pair a turtleneck knit underneath a pantsuit style, or an extra layer of warmth and an intellectual touch and piece of mind against any chilly weather

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Refreshing Career Style

Elevate your office style with beige that leaves a gentle and graceful impression behind. Even on busy days, you can keep up with an Airy Tote - a functional bag to keep your documents and laptop neatly organized

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Cool and Collected

Stay on top with additional cool tones. Add a splash of navy and vivid green to your beige ensemble for a friendly style that gives a boost of energy and confidence

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A Day of Commemoration in Navy

The best of formal style
Timeless looks to remember the occasion

Airy Tote

Developed for the modern, busy woman, kay me Business Bags
is the total package—lightweight, vegan and designed with functionality.

Easy Set-ups for Every Occasion

Professional and chic styles to show you mean business

Elegance in an Instant

Timelessly gorgeous
Gorgeous frills on a chic color

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