Step into summer with tropical resort dresses

Captivating print

Sweep the city with a refreshing tropical breeze, in a vivid painting-like botanical print that is perfect for business or leisure.

Gorgeously slimming

Gather dress

Asymmetric and feminine

Long V-gather dress

Stunning, feminine pink

A chic and versatile botanical print that captures the beautiful tones of island hibiscus; for a mesmerizing design that accentuates your feminine features

Softly swaying with every step

Cache-coeur dress

Graceful design featuring an obi-like waist belt

Long obi dress

Lush Jersey

Used for our gather dress and cache-coeur dress
Featuring a thick jersey material that can stretch in any direction. The softness of the material gorgeously displays the delicate drape detailing. This original print was dyed in the cultural capital of Kyoto

Light, silk-like jersey

Used for our long V-gather dress and long obi dress
High-quality jersey material, specially created to be as light and soft as silk. For an unparalleled airiness that feels luxurious on the skin
Perfect for the busy woman!

kay me’s key features

All clothing is made from fabrics that are machine-washable. Save time and money with no need for dry-cleaning

Items are made from our advanced stretchy materials for day-long comfort

kay me is 100% ethically made in Japan

The gorgeous gathers and drape details were crafted by the hands of highly skilled Japanese artisans, providing flattering coverage while emphasizing the natural hourglass silhouette
Print dress outfit ideas

for different occasions

Blue Caribbean

Choose a matching color to pair with the print

Add a matching-toned cardigan

Add a refreshing touch with a white cardigan

Pink Caribbean

Pair with a ruffle jacket for a gorgeous touch

Throw on a hooded jacket for a cozy flight

In-store ordering

Contact one of our stores beforehand to pre-order an item, and we will have it available at the location on a specified date/time of your choice

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