Your new go-to office staple
Chic straight-lined shawl cardigan

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Add chic composure to refine any look

The relaxed fit gives you room to move and breathe, and the stylish shawl collar adds warmth and protection to your neck. A simple design that is sleek and elegant to the eye
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Perfect for the office

A cardigan you can slip on for any workday and feel more comfortable, cozy and relaxed in, all day long
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Easy-care and sustainable

Made from a biodegradable lyocell-acrylic blend derived from trees, for a better eco-friendly alternative. This blend of yarn creates a gorgeous cardigan which is breathable, pill-resistant and keeps its shape even after several washes

Gorgeous knitting

The lustrous and soft yarn is woven together to create a gorgeous knit that is both elastic and resilient for long-lasting comfort. Created in the historic, scenic region of Kanazawa, in Ishikawa Prefecture

Kanazawa-made short cardigan

A highly versatile cardigan that pairs gorgeously with any dress. Comfortable and perfect for any season

Kanazawa-made long cardigan

A long cardigan featuring an elegant straight-line silhouette to elongate and slim your proportions. The wonderfully functional pockets are large enough to carry smartphones and notebooks inside
Perfect for the busy woman!

kay me’s key features

All clothing is made from fabrics that are machine-washable. Save time and money with no need for dry-cleaning

Items are made from our advanced stretchy materials for day-long comfort

kay me is 100% ethically made in Japan

kay me knits are luxuriously thick and comfortably cover the body, and keep their shape no matter how many times you wash!
Chic yet comfortable

Work outfits

Light Beige

Add softness
to any monotone look

Bring composure
to any vibrant dress

Throw on a long cardigan
for instant elegance

Charcoal gray

Pair with any minimalistic dress

Simply slip on
for a comfortable day in the office

In-store ordering

Contact one of our stores beforehand to pre-order an item, and we will have it available at the location on a specified date/time of your choice

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