Team Coordinates

Junko Kemi / kay me CEO

Coming up with new products and solutions to solve the needs of our busy customers every night
as I spend quality time with my adorable pet cats.

Monday: Office Meeting

For those office days where you want to give yourself an extra push of courage, try coordinating our Monotone Knit Dress with the Red Swarovski Bijou Cardigan. This cardigan has the power to energize not only the person wearing the cardigan but also those who catch a glimpse of this beautiful item. Of course, this Bijou Cardigan is perfect for dates and special occasions, but it also works amazingly for those office days when you can use a little pick-me-up. This knit dress, knitted in Niigata, is also embellished with Swarovski crystals on the buttons, and is machine-washable at home.   

Tuesday: Lecturing

Today, I have some consulting work.
I’m getting to the stage in my life when I am looking for sophistication as well as professionalism when choosing the perfect suit! This stretchy Lace Peplum Suit allows me to attend business seminars with elegance and grace.
The pale-tone lilac color is soft and pairs beautifully well with black, navy, gray, white, and an array of colors with ease.

Wednesday: Girl’s Night Out

Enjoying wine at my favorite hotel bar counter.
We always somehow end up talking passionately about work rather than personal matters...
This vibrant and rich green jersey Cache-coeur Dress is gorgeous, yet not too sweet, with a zesty and fresh accent. Whether in a dark and woody or crisp white interior, the dress is sure to photograph beautifully. Even if you end up having a little too much wine and go home to cuddle your pet cat, don’t worry about any fur because it’s machine-wash safe. Complete the outfit with a taupe colored bag and Riders Jacket for the perfect look.

Friday: To the Opera

On Friday night, we meet up at the bar, and head to the opera together.
This chic Black Jersey Side Gather Dress doubles as the perfect dress to wear to work in the afternoon as well.
At night, pair this dress with our aubergine Cashmere Stole, featuring a beautiful Indian flower crystal design. This is an outfit perfect for grown-up women!

Saturday: Morning Gym

Although it’s Saturday, I like to wake up early in the morning.
I start the day off with my usual routine of going to the gym, followed by a pit stop at “Bic Camera” (electrical goods store) to check out some PCs. This Navy Knit Dress and matching zip-up ensemble is not only cute, but also extremely warm. The perfect outfit for a day out in town. The right amount of casual style, beautiful and rich colors, and the high-quality Niigata-made knit material makes it ideal to wear on weekdays to work as well. Of course, both pieces are machine-washable too.
Pair the look with a Cashmere Stole to add warmth and coziness, and carry our Taupe Tote Bag to hold your wallet and cellphone.

A Little Escape from Tokyo

It’s not unusual for me to leave Tokyo from Saturday afternoon. Physically stepping away from a place or situation helps you see it in a new light. Karuizawa and Atami are very close by, especially by bullet train, so they are my favorite places to visit.
The Long Knit Skirt covers my legs fully, so it helps me stay warm in chilly environments like on the bullet train or plane, and it’s very comfortable to walk around in when I’m at my destination. It’s extremely handy, so I’ll be taking the gray set with me. This warm and slim-looking skirt is knitted in Kanazawa. If you choose the matching top with bijou crystals, you can walk up to any hotel reception with confidence. These items are all machine-washable, so they can easily be cleaned during your trip. They’re must-have items for traveling!
Did you know that every kay me item is stretchy and machine-washable? Whether you’re away on a trip or working and relaxing at home, you can toss them into the washing machine with ease.