Chic square dot print

Gorgeous décolleté

The attractive neckline draws attention to your upper-body, slimming the lower half to emphasize a natural hourglass figure

Universally flattering I-line design

The I-line silhouette of this dress adds a slimming appearance to any figure

Navy Koyukitwist dress

The A-line skirt flatters any body shape, accentuating the natural hourglass figure

Black KoyukiI-line trimming dress

Patterned and cut to bring gorgeous dimension to the body and a high-waisted silhouette, which naturally slims the figure
Perfect for the busy woman!

kay me’s key features

Clothing is made from fabrics that are machine-washable, so there’s no need to spend time dry-cleaning

Items are made from our special stretchy materials for day-long comfort

kay me is 100% ethically made in Japan

The gorgeous gathers and drape details were crafted by the hands of highly-skilled Japanese artisans, providing flattering coverage while emphasizing the natural hourglass silhouette
Switch up the look to fit any occasion

Outfit ideas

Add composure with a neutral-toned jacket

Add vibrant red as a contrast color

Pair with a knit pullover for the office

Add white for a soft monotone look

Slip on a blouson jacket for an office look

Add a royal blue accent color

In-store ordering

Contact one of our stores beforehand to pre-order an item, and we will have it available at the location on a specified date/time of your choice

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