Created with over 30 colors
Enchanting Water Mirror print


Feminine, beautiful

Softly swaying with every step taken, the mermaid line naturally collects the gazes from those around
Premium quality washable and stretchy chiffon

Vibrant, chic

Gorgeously dynamic Venus-like draping beautifully accentuates the figure from all angles

The perfect balance of glamorous and cute
Ribbon dress

Jersey material
Wonderfully thick original print jersey material that stretches in every direction. Luxuriously soft material emphasizes the hand-made draping
Inspired by the glistening reflection of water
Our stunning art print has been created using 30 different colors. This dress is sure to receive compliments!

kay me styling suggestions
How to color coordinate with a print dress

Read below for ways to enjoy color coordination
Option 1

Pick up one color from the main print and pair with an item of the same color

Option 2

Choose one color from the print and coordinate with items that are lighter or darker in the same shade range

Option 3

Select one color from the print and coordinate with complementary (opposite) color items

kay me is machine-wash safe and ethically made in Japan

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