Blending Beauty and Comfort
Made in Japan Footwear

A highly acclaimed shoe series, crafted with 10 times more cushioning than standard footwear and stretchable vegan materials, delivering unparalleled comfort.
The art of crafting handmade shoes in Japan has become increasingly scarce, with many skilled artisans leaving their trade in the wake of the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Experience the comfort, quality and craftsmanship for yourself.

Due to limited production, we recommend reserving your preferred size to secure your order.
Product delivery is scheduled for late October.


10 times the Cushioning

for Day-long Comfort

Optimized for comfort with 10 times the cushioning than traditional insoles.*
Made in guidance of a Meister shoemaker with an insole license, kay me insoles were developed to provide support where the feet gets tired most - with thick cushioning that molds to the feet, providing shock absorption for a steadier balance as you walk.

*Based on tests and comparisons made at kay me

Animal cruelty-free

Stretchy Vegan Leather

Discover the functionality, quality and comfort of leather that doesn't come at the expense of animals.
With the outstanding stretch of our handpicked vegan leather, these flats are both kind to your feet and the welfare of animals.

A range of sizes
From 21.5cm-25.5cm

「サイズがなくて悲しい思いをしてほしくない」そんな想いで、全色 21.5㎝~25.5㎝まで東京で1つ1つ丁寧にお作りしています。
Find the right size for you.

With a range of sizes on offer from 21.5cm to 25.5 and colors to choose from, each pair of flats is made to order here in Tokyo so you get the best fit and quality.

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