“Well done for another great year!”
Whether for yourself or someone special,
why not give the gift of kay me
sure to fill anyone with joy

The perfect gift for that special someone,
we recommend our simple and chic bags and stoles
with no worries about ‘getting the size right’

kay me supports ambitious women in every walk of life

kay me bags are lightweight, incredibly functional, cruelty-free
and feature straps with a soft foam-like material
These bags are sure to boost your mood

Our two-way business bag
features a built-in PC pocket
This style was inspired by our popular pouches
with extra-wide mouth opening for easy access

The world’s highest quality handcrafted stoles, selected by kay me
The perfect match of beauty born from delicate handwork
and kindness, wrapping around one’s body to create wonderful warmth

This breathtaking gradation is created by expert tie-dyeing
Each and every lace pattern delicately cut by hand…
Even a simple outfit will instantly become gorgeous

kay me was born in Japan in 2011,
created around the idea of supporting
ambitious women in every walk of life