Machine washable

There’s nothing worse than spilling something on your favourite new outfit… until you realise that it has to be dry cleaned. According to a Business Insider article, the average household in the US spends $500 a year on dry cleaning, making it an extra cost that really adds up the course of one’s working life, not to mention time spent taking and collecting your clothing.
One of the foundations of Junko Kemi’s vision for kay me has been to provide all women with an alternative choice for clothing that doesn’t distract from their busy lives - imagine how much time and energy could be saved by simply machine washing instead!


Commuting in the city is serious business for kay me’s Japanese customers, and with a legendarily busy rush hour to contend with, comfort is key. Enter kay me’s premium jersey dresses, rich wool suits and seasonal fabrics - the team at kay me HQ in Ginza personally test all our jackets, trousers and skirts to ensure maximum stretch and movement. Whether you’re sprinting for the last train, reaching for your next goal or even catching up on some yoga, kay me has you covered.


Wave goodbye to the iron with kay me’s fantastic non-iron fabrics - with no need to iron, our drip dry dresses, skirts and jackets are a simple choice for anyone on the go. Various shock studies put the average women’s lifetime ironing at around four months - while we might debate this statistic, it’s certainly true that it’s far from our favourite activity at the end of a busy week.
Spend time on what you truly care about with our drip-dry fabrics, simply add accessories and go.


Here at kay me we pride ourselves not only on the quality workmanship of each and every dress handmade here in Japan by our team of skilled artisans, but also on the quality of fabrics too. It took several years for us to find the perfect jersey for our bright and bold dresses, and we even developed patented techniques to create our fabulous washable 100% silk dress collection. Add to this our super fine knitwear and revolutionary new tweed-like dresses and jackets, and we’re sure you’ll agree that kay me is top for comfort.


A part of Junko Kemi’s busy lifestyle, she can often be found traveling around Japan on the shinkansen (bullet train), and internationally on aeroplanes, making a crease-free wardrobe a necessity. Stay crease-free and fresh throughout your day with our top quality fabrics, ensuring that creases become a memory.
kay me customers have also shared the top tips of washing their kay me dresses and jackets in hotel bathrooms during business trips and hanging dry over night - no creases and no worries!