kay me has a policy that has not changed since the day the company was founded,
to never have a sale

Why kay me has no sales

The biggest reasons why kay me has no sales are:
To sell our items to customers at an appropriate price
To be able to always buy the same quality at the same price
And, to bring comfort to our loyal customers as a guarantee

Before founder Junko Kemi herself started kay me in 2011, when she saw the luxury brand clothing go on sale just after she had bought it,
she was saddened as she felt as if the clothing she had just purchased had diminished in worth

Brands and departments began accelerating the timing of sales
in order to cycle through their inventory
Rather than the mechanism of trying to secure profits through these sales,
Junko Kemi felt as if her favorite brands were lowering in product quality each season

Kemi had the sad experience of wanting to buy quality clothing at what was once their standard price,
but realizing that the only items that are now available have dropped immensely in their quality

Mass production companies that sell more items during sale periods than not
lessen their production costs in order to create a high profit even for seemingly low sale prices
Customers who buy fixed-price items will gradually feel a divergence between the price and the value
Over the years, the materials have worsened in quality and even the length of clothing has shortened, resulting in simplified patterns and flat designs

This of course leads to the negotiation of companies dropping the price they are willing to pay sewing and garment factories
Unethical price reductions put these factories at risk of going out of business
and increase the risks to the workers themselves

Therefore at kay me,
in order to have our customers avoid what we once felt as consumers,
and in order to never produce a single product created by the sacrifice of others,
kay me wishes to be able to produce the same products at the same quality throughout the years

Furthermore, when there are sale periods many consumers feel the urge to shop quickly,
so we strive to reduce this pressure on our customers as much as possible
(kay me does not mass produce products, so occasionally items become sold out quickly, and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause)

For our customers to tell us “There are never sales so I can always buy everything with confidence”
brings us great joy and encouragement
We thank you deeply for your continued support

kay me staff