The chic and sharp duet
with Smart Stretch

Luxurious ‘Smart Stretch’ material

Resilient material that comfortably hugs the body and stays wrinkle-free for a clean look every time. Perfect for all seasons
Dress Stole View

High tech stretchability

Wonderfully stretchy and wrinkle-resistant material for a clean, minimalistic design that checks all the boxes.
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A stunning style from head to toe

Wear on its own, or elevate your look instantly with a matching jacket for effortless perfection

Flattering contouring!

A simple dress at first glance, which smooths your proportions and gives shape to the body in all the right places. Featuring an I-line silhouette that naturally slims the figure for a clean, sophisticated look
Jacket Dress View

Designed for mobility

Patterned with a forward-inclined sleeve placement for added flexibility, mobility and comfort while you are on the move. Precise paneling shapes the body to emphasize a natural hourglass figure for a flattering and chic look
Jacket Dress Bag View

For the professional scene

A chic set-up perfect for days you want to look extra sharp, clean and ready for business

Instant set-up

With a range of colors to choose from, you can create an instant ensemble effortlessly to fit your mood

V-neck I-line dress

A minimalistic dress that you can mix and match with ease, for easy mornings and days. An amazingly versatile must-have for every wardrobe

Collarless jacket (with inner lining)

Minimalistic design at its finest. The simple button is thoughtfully placed to draw attention to your upper torso and elongate your proportions

Collarless long jacket

A wonderfully versatile long jacket that provides extra coverage to the hipline and adds composure to your look

Tailored jacket (without lining)

A gorgeously minimalistic classic jacket which gives a beautiful hourglass figure when worn – a versatile style you can pair with anything
Perfect for the busy woman!

kay me’s key features

All kay me items
are machine-wash safe

Items are made from our advanced stretchy materials for day-long comfort, easy-care and movability

kay me is 100% ethically made in Japan

kay me is 100% ethically made in Japan The gorgeous gathers and drape details were crafted by the hands of highly skilled Japanese artisans, providing flattering coverage while emphasizing the natural hourglass silhouette
Smart Stretch series

outfit ideas

Pair with a matching jacket for an instant set-up look

Refresh your style with a bright pink stole

Pair with a long cardigan for comfortable days in the office

Add a refreshing twist to your business look with saxe blue

Add composure with a black jacket

Navy chic for professional occasions

Wear a matching dress for an instant ensemble

In-store ordering

Contact one of our stores beforehand to pre-order an item, and we will have it available at the location on a specified date/time of your choice

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