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Why Should I Wear an Underdress?

Smooth out your silhouette

Slips offer a clean and flattering bodyline that covers any bumps from digging waistbands, hardware or closures underneath, and prevent outer layers from hugging onto these.
Wear your favorite blouses and dresses with confidence knowing you look your best

Prevent dresses from clinging

It provides a snug, smooth layer between your skirt and your legs, which keeps your top layer dress in place. No matter how much running around you do, the slip will keep everything right where it should be

Add piece of mind to a semi-sheer outfit

Semi-sheer materials can reveal more than you think under different lighting - from direct sunlight or even in poorly lit rooms. For complete piece of mind and optimum coverage, wear a slip that is as close as possible to your skin tone underneath your outfit

The Right Underdress to Match your Needs

When you need a little more warmth

When you need a little extra support

15_Shapewear_Technical_Diagram.jpg 15_Shapewear_Technical_Diagram_mobile.jpg

We take special care to make sure our pieces are the best fit for you. Our high-tech material is great for keeping you warm during the winter and cool during the summer

16_Cup_Insert_Closeup.jpg 16_Cup_Insert_Closeup_mobile.jpg

Leave your bra at home! This underdress has removable pad inserts, specially shaped to give the best support and coverage you need. Leave it in or take it out - the choice is yours!

17_Shapewear_Stretch_Detail.jpg 17_Shapewear_Stretch_Detail_mobile.jpg

From the chest to the hips, we use a material with excellent stretchability that also contours your body. The fit made slightly tighter than regular shapewear, so the correction power is improved

The Right Underdress to Match your Needs

When you need a little more warmth

Our variety of camisole dresses and underdresses have their own unique value
depending on your need. Find the perfect underdress for you!

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Everything at kay me is

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We offer one-on-one personalized styling service for free. Book with our convenient online styling consultants, or visit one of our boutiques to get started.

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