Premium quality, washable knit
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Woven in Kanazawa

This premium-quality knit features subtle luster for an added look of luxury

Machine-wash at Home

Our refined knitwear is completely machine-washable and resilient so it keeps its shape no matter how many washes it goes through

New Items

New Items

Docking Pleats
Knit Dress

With a long A-line flare, the pleated skirt features a classic herringbone print that flatters the body

Choose from 2 colors

Bring attention to the vertical lines

Slimming and stunning on the body, the gorgeous pleats and herringbone design create an elongated, flattering silhouette

Say goodbye to bulky layering

Keep warm and stay light on your feet with less layers needed. The soft knit and multidimensional pleats helps to also cover up bumps and bulges and leaves a smooth A-line silhouette

Soft billowy sleeves

With soft puff sleeves and ribbed cuffs, its adds an air of femininity with just the right volume to accommodate jackets too

New Items

Long Cross Knit Dress

Featuring a cross over design at the bustline, this knit dress leaves a stunning silhouette to behold

Perfect Fit

The dress softly hugs the body for a loosely fitted silhouette that feels comfortable too

Flattering Coverage

The crossover design contours the bust and waistline for a confidence-boosting hourglass silhouette

Perfect winter length

In a versatile midi-length and thick knit, it provides optimal chic comfort during colder months with a little side slit to tease

Choose from 3 colors

Pair with nuance colors for an elegant, casual look

Pair with earth colors for an effortless appearance

Add femininity with a peplum knit

Pair with a long coat for chic elegance

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