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There is approximately 280 billion articles

of discarded clothing

Approximately 280 billion articles of surplus clothing, are disposed of yearly.* This surplus accounts for more than half of the annual supply of products, amounting to a considerable number of waste that harms the environment.

*Nature Reviews Earth & Environment

Towards Zero Clothing Waste

Since the beginning, we have strived for zero clothing waste through new collection surveys and offering made-to-order items to both predict and produce a sustainable amount of items that meets demand

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Made in Japan

2022AW Collection

Volume 1 - 3

Animal Cruelty-free Vegan Materials

kay me's ethical and elegant range


  • 1. I do not know my size.

    A: Please view the size guide on each item page or contact our customer service support team if you have any further questions

  • 2. Do you accept refunds or exchanges?

    A: For reasons such as the item your received not being as described, or if the size does not fit, we allow refunds and exchanges within 14 days of arrival. Please fill out the Refund/Exchange Form. For further information, please view our User Guide.

    *Due to limited stock, we may not be able to fulfill exchanges

  • 3: Can I try on preorder items?

    A: Yes! Please visit our exhibitions where you will be able to try on items from our collection.

  • 4.Can items only be purchased through preorder?

    A: No, however due to limited production quantity, it is possible that the size and design of your choice will be promptly sold out, so we recommend pre-ordering.

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