Made for Comfort and Style

Whether you are standing all day, working or taking a long walk,
it's comfortable on the go yet beautiful for the 5-star hotel.
Praised by our customers for their comfort and style,
our popular Howa Howa Flats now come in new colors to complement your every day

New Series

Howa Howa Flats

New fall-winter style

in Vegan Suede
Pre-orders start now.

Easy to clean and lighter than leather, our unique vegan suede comes in beautiful pigmented colors that's dyed in Japan.


Softened impact

Silent heels

Walk without the clicking - our new "Silent heels"
allow you to walk even in quiet places such as offices and museums.
The soft 3.5 cm heel provides height, support and comfort so it is easy to wear all day long

Animal cruelty-free

Stretchy and vegan

Discover the functionality, quality and comfort of leather
that doesn't come at the expense of animals.
With the outstanding stretch of our handpicked vegan leather,
these flats are both kind to your feet and the welfare of animals.

10 times the cushioning

for day-long comfort

Optimized for comfort with 10 times the cushioning than traditional insoles Made in guidance of a Meister shoemaker with an insole license, kay me insoles were developed to provide support where the feet gets tired most - with thick cushioning that molds to the feet and provides shock absorption and a steadier balance as you walk.

*Based on tests and comparisons made at kay me

Zero Clothing Waste Mission

On our mission to prevent our clothing being sent to landfills, we stand behind producing quality, timeless pieces that are made to demand.

Due to customer requests, our previously sold-out Howa Howa Flats are back with two brand new colors and will be available only for pre-order in limited quantities.

* Shipping : Mid-September

Why choose Howa Howa Flats?

Easy to wear
Elastic inserts

Lined with elastic around the opening that stay snug on feet, it prevents the flats from slipping off as you walk

Gentle on the heel

With cushioned support and a strain-free 3.5 cm heel, it is easier to wear.
No matter how much weight you put on the back, the cushion gently absorbs the impact

A range of sizes
From 21.5cm-25.5cm

Find the right size for you.
With a range of sizes on offer from 21.5cm to 25.5 and colors to choose from, each pair of flats is made to order here in Tokyo so you get the best fit and quality

What our customers are saying

Keeping the industry alive

With more and more local craftspeople closing their doors, only 8% of "Made in Japan" shoemakers are left. Of those, Tokyo shoemakers, known for blending traditional practices and high technology into their craft, make up less than 4%.

Experience the quality that is just one of the fruits that "Made in Tokyo" craftsmanship has to offer with kay me's Howa Howa Flats

Limited quantity left!

Howa Howa Flats