Stretchy and washable

Tweed Suit



Delightful stretch

Not your typical tweed. Like all kay me items, our tweed stretches to the body and is made with stretchy lining and threading throughout for better comfort, all day long


Amazing washable

Flip inside out, place it into a laundry net, and let the washing machine do its work. With kay me items, everything is machine-washable without need to worry about stretching, shrinking, or wrinkling


100% Made in Japan

Adorned with rare washable Japanese braid, an original trim handpicked from the threads and crafted locally with artisans


Polished dress suit

Create an elegant and polished ensemble in an instant with our matching dress and stretchy tweed jacket


Made with eco-friendly materials

Born from recycled bottles, this eco-friendly georgette is stretchy, opaque and beautifully drapes the body

New Items

Navy Tweed
Tailored Jacket

Tailored for a flattering silhouette on the body
and finished with a rare Japanese braid,
our stretchy tweed jacket is made for polishing off
your outfit in elegant fashion

Docking Tweed Dress

Made with recycled eco-friendly georgette,
this washable 2-in-1 tweed dress is stretchy
and simply elegant with its matching jacket

An elegant dress suit for the evening

Neat and polished with ivory

Tweed Print