Discover the beautiful luster of silk
in traditional tones

Japanese ancient color
Charmingly charismatic Akane-iro (madder red)
Lustrous and sophisticated Sumi-iro (charcoal gray)
Gorgeously light Ama-iro (sky blue)

Uncover Japanese beauty with traditional Japanese colors

Inspired by ancient Japan to create three stunning colors: Ama-iro, Akane-iro and Sumi-iro

Exquisite silk luster

Experience the breathtaking glow of our 55% silk washable jersey. Effortlessly combine elegance and comfort in our gorgeous dresses

Emphasize and flatter your waistline

kay me’s silk jersey is
made from only the highest-quality stretch fabrics


kay me items are machine-wash

Wear with a white cardigan for a vivid look
Wear with black for classic chic
Wear with navy for sharp styles
Wear with a white cardigan for refreshing elegance
Wear with black for a glamorous look
Wear with gray for a touch of sophistication
Wear with berry red for vibrancy


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