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Autumn Color Jersey Dresses

Original jersey material that gorgeously drapes the body

Sewing together stretchy jersey fabric with elastic threading to create kay me’s gathers and drapes requires the highest levels of craftsmanship
Our Tokyo-based artisans have dedicated themselves to creating each individual piece to the highest possible standards
Grape I-line Tuck

Autumn colors every day
Enjoy our wide selection of colors and styles

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Cherry Pink Cache-coeur
Cherry pink

Become a heroine in an instant with vibrant cherry pink

Red Venus

Deep and lustrous red for special occasions

Grape I-line Tuck

Gorgeous grape, bursting with elegance

Green Venus

Calming green, the perfect balance of beauty and sophistication

Royal blue Cache-coeur
Royal blue

For a head-turning presence, try luxurious royal blue

Black Gather

A wardrobe essential, timeless chic black

Perfect for busy women!

kay me’s key features

Clothing is made from materials that are machine-wash safe,
so there’s no need to spend time dry-cleaning

Items are made from our special stretchy materials for day-long comfort

kay me is 100% ethically made in Japan

Gorgeous gathers and drape details are crafted by the hands of highly skilled Japanese artisans, providing flattering coverage while emphasizing the natural hourglass silhouette
Versatile CoordinationFrom business to special occasions
How to wear the same dress for different scenes
Pair with white for a gorgeous finish
Pair with white for a gorgeous finish
Add a black jacket for business occasions
Add a black jacket for business occasions
Add a white bolero knit for special occasions
Add a white bolero knit for special occasions
Soften your look with beige
Soften your look with beige

In-store ordering

Contact one of our stores beforehand to pre-order an item, and we will have it available at the location on a specified date/time of your choice

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