I-lace Gradation

​Hopelessly romantic art
​fluttering in the breeze

Lace is tie-dyed by hand in four colors,
​utilizing artisan techniques

I-lace Gradation
​The secret of “I lace”

After layering the fabric and lace,
the fabric is hand cut in an I shape
to create delicate sheer lace panels

I-lace Gradation
‘Shibori’ tie-dye

Shibori tie-dyeing ensures every stole is unique
​The fabric is dyed 4 times with 4 different colors

I-lace Gradation
Handmade delicate flowers

The stunning flower outline design of the lace
is cut individually by hand for a breathtakingly delicate impression


I-lace Gradation


  • A meticulous and complex process to create a wearable artisan craft

  • Luxury for special events

  • kay me bags are designed for you

  • A dramatic dress fitting for a heroine

  • デイリードレス

    A perfect companion for busy mornings!